How To Distinguish The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Color Steel Plate Protective Film

- May 30, 2019-

Generally, the surface of the material of the color steel plate protective film has been subjected to hardness treatment, so many users are easily confused by the introduction of the merchant when purchasing, then how should we judge the advantages and disadvantages of the protective film material? Xiaobian introduces you to several methods of identification!

1. Check the scratch resistance of the protective film material of the color steel plate, the higher the scratch resistance, the better the quality of the protective film;

2. Test the light transmittance of the protective film with a 3M photometer, etc. The higher the light transmittance, the better the material;

3. The protective film material is prone to quality problems such as crystal point and rainbow pattern. The fewer these problems, the better the material;

4. Adsorption: Adsorption refers to the exhaust velocity of the protective film material. The faster the exhaust velocity, the better the quality of the protective film.

When purchasing a color steel plate protective film, attention should also be paid to the performance difference of the protective film, and the quality of the protective film cannot be neglected due to its low price. Xiaobian recommends that you go to a regular manufacturer to