PE Protective Film Market

- Sep 29, 2019-

In the protective film market, PE protective film is also in the forefront. It is widely used in terms of service life and function. The use of acrylic resin as a binder in PE protective films is the most widely used in the market. In this way, the cost of forming a protective film is low, and the price can be lowered into the protective film market. The nature is also soft, clean and sleek, non-polluting, and promotes environmental protection and environmental protection. And repeated use remains sticky for less than forty minutes. It is easy to repeat the construction operation, and the pressure sensitive adhesive can be protected from cracking and cracking after special processing. Quality and quantity, the flatness of the sheet is very good, not easy to crease. There is no trace after tearing off, and it also has high shielding. Antioxidant and anti-ultraviolet radiation. This is testimony to the test, the high temperature storm day for 12 hours can still achieve the protective film will not be deformed, compressed, destroyed and other issues. Nowadays, many PE protective films cooperate with the European Union and adopt the reference technology, but for the general profiles, they can not withstand high temperatures, and can only be within 60 degrees. PE protective film, if you want to buy a high quality, you still need to experience it. In the marketing of the protective film market, experience promotion will also be made, so that the general public can feel the innovative effect of PE protective film. In addition, the anti-corrosion function of the protective film is also improved, which can extend the use time. There is also a certain degree of self-healing ability, so the effect of PE protective film is beyond our imagination!