Pet Protective Film Will Be Developed For Optical Grade Applications

- Oct 09, 2019-

With the development of electronic information technology, LCD screen applications can be seen everywhere in life, such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, game console products and many other digital electronic products LCD screens, and related screen protectors are also sought after by users. At present, the mainstream pet protective film on the market has high transparency scratch-resistant, frost-proof anti-fingerprint, mirror, AR, anti-peeping and other functional films, but it is still difficult to meet the needs of users, users have higher requirements for the effect of screen protection film light and shadow, pulling The protective film develops toward optical level functions.

The optical grade PET protective film is developed on the basis of the ordinary protective film. It not only has all the characteristics of the ordinary protective film such as scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint, but also pays more attention to optical characteristics.

Optical grade PET protective film anti-reflective UV function: It has stronger anti-reflection and anti-ultraviolet effect than ordinary pet protective film, and can effectively filter the ultraviolet light and reflection effect generated by the screen.

Optical grade PET protective film image is high: color reproduction is stronger, keeping the original color effect of the screen

Ultra-high light transmission anti-glare: stronger light transmission and anti-glare function than ordinary protective film.