Production Of Green Protective Film Manufacturers

- Sep 06, 2019-

If the PE protective film is to be green, environmental protection will definitely be the characteristic it must hold. Therefore, the PE protective film should be developed without any pollution, easy decomposition and recyclable environmental protection. In order to solve the problem of PE protective film production garbage safely, many chemists are changing the structural mode of the protective film itself, so that the discarded protective film is completely decomposed in a certain period of time. In the present, there are two types of plastics that can be decomposed into a protective film. One is the type of decomposition by light. In the process of manufacturing, this kind of plastic adds some photosensitive groups at a certain distance from its polymer chain. This allows the plastic to be in a safe and stable state under the illumination of artificial light. Upon exposure to sunlight, it will immediately absorb enough energy to break the polymer chain and achieve the purpose of plastic decomposition. The other is a biodegradable plastic. The decomposable plastic of this kind also needs to introduce some groups on the polymer chain to break the microbial chains in the air and soil into fragments, and finally slowly decompose them completely.