Protective Film Price Increase Is Imperative

- Sep 12, 2019-

Recently, the news of rising raw materials has been heard, and more and more raw material suppliers have issued price adjustment notices. The trend of product price hikes has become unstoppable and has quickly become a hot topic in the packaging industry.

The rise in the cost of a link often affects the entire industry. This surge in price increases will affect the raw material suppliers in the most upstream of the product chain, the intermediate producers and the finished products. Dealers, which are challenges for raw material suppliers, manufacturers and finished goods companies. The rise of raw materials has become an indisputable fact. There will be room for further increase in the later period. This is not only the bottoming out of bulk raw materials, but also an inevitable rise under the influence of global economic stimulus policies.

Affected by rising raw material prices, some enterprises have adjusted the ex-factory prices. Some companies rely on low-priced and low-quality enterprises to occupy the market. They have not adjusted prices. In order to reduce risks and maintain profits, they can only choose “wool on the sheep”. "To avoid, use lower quality raw materials to make lower end products." The rise in the price of raw materials is bound to make it difficult for low-end companies that hit the market with low prices and low quality.

“Cost robbery” is undoubtedly a catastrophe in the packaging industry. Raw materials are rising, and the production cost of enterprises is continuously improved, and the profit margin is compressed. However, Shandong Jiarun does not want to affect the interests of customers through price increases. We will try our best to improve management and open source and reduce expenditure. Reduce the unnecessary costs of intermediate links to reduce costs. On the other hand, we will increase investment in product research and development, reduce production costs with continuous improvement of product technology, and benefit customers, in order to achieve a win-win situation.