The Combination Of TPE Plastic And Rubber

- Jan 13, 2019-

The protective film has the advantages of high elasticity, high strength, high toughness, non-toxic environmental protection, etc., scratch-proof, waterproof and the like. Easy to tear off. The liquid protective film adopts the latest development trend of the international protective film industry-liquid protective film material, which not only reduces the amount of materials, but also saves resources, and reduces the waste generated during the future demolition. The material is an important part of energy saving and environmental protection.

The liquid protective film has various film forming methods, and can quickly form a protective film after being sprayed, and closely adheres to the surface, and particularly protects the surface of irregular metal objects, aluminum parts, copper products, and tools.

PET low viscosity protective film (face material) + release film (substrate) + protective layer.

The surface of the film is treated by SMART process, which is anti-wear and scratch-resistant and scratch-resistant. PET material has three layers of hard film and high hardness, which mainly prevents the wear of the touch screen on the screen. The high-transparent material, which is closest to the screen material of the mobile phone, aligns the angle of refraction and reflection of light to achieve 100% transmittance.

It is divided into 2H conventional film on scratch prevention - no wear mark damage, 4H high resistance type - wear mark damage and 5H carbon crystal grade wear type - super wear mark damage. The difference is that 4H and 5H are coated with a coagulating ultra-thin crystal coating on the protective layer. Today's advanced protective films such as Glauke, OK8, BENKS, 180 degrees and Cardenshi are made of 4H and 5H scratch-resistant structures. 2H conventional film is generally the original film delivered when the phone is shipped from the factory.

The main production was initially concentrated in industrialized countries such as Japan, the United States and Europe. Due to the early development of industrialization in Europe and the United States, the requirements for surface protection of products have been entered earlier in the Asian region to reduce the circulation from the factory to the market. The loss of surface scratches encountered during the transportation, handling, storage, and even display of the product. European brands are unique in the world of rubber-based glue protective film, and the rubber-type glue protective film is still a stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, and even some plastic parts and other complex processing industries due to its characteristics.

Japan has started early in the development of non-toxic PVC materials and PET materials and AR materials, and the technology is more advanced. Therefore, mobile phone screensavers in Japan and South Korea are also developing rapidly. Japan and South Korea mainly produce high-end mobile phone protective film, and export PVC, PET and AR materials to foreign countries. As a mobile phone consumer in China, mobile phone screen protection film is produced and sold more. After several years of development, it has been able to produce a higher-end protective film. Although there is still a certain gap from the Japanese protective film, it is currently In other words, there has been a trend to completely replace the Korean film, and in the past two years, protective film manufacturers in Japan and South Korea have already started production or established joint ventures in the mainland. As far as the production of mobile phone film in China is concerned, it is mainly operated as a non-main business of some tape factories, electronic material factories and protective film factories. 

There are fewer manufacturers specializing in protective film production, because the protective film original film production and coating process are more complicated, many technical aspects need to be broken, and a good investment in blown film and coating line is high, so the real protective film production There are not many manufacturers, and even fewer original films can be made. Therefore, most of the factories only stay in the secondary and tertiary processing stages of the protective film, and belong to the lower stage of the entire protective film industry chain. In terms of regional distribution, it is mainly distributed in Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, and parts of Zhejiang, Shanghai, and Jiangsu. However, with the popularity of today's touch-screen mobile phones and the concern for 3G mobile phones, the protective film market has also attracted more attention from businesses. Many manufacturers have also begun to produce high-end protective film to meet the fashion pursuit of young people.